Our School

¿Quiénes somos?

At Colegio Waldorf Guatemala, we offer an education that deeply respects each stage of individual development, fostering willpower, creativity, and critical thinking so that our students reach their maximum potential and contribute to a healthier and fairer world. We are dedicated to inspiring students to develop a sense of transcendence and find meaningful purposes in their lives.

Our school community is characterized by its focus on holistic well-being. We actively involve teachers, staff, families, alumni, and students in governance, ensuring equitable representation and active participation in key decisions. Throughout the year, we organize various activities such as parent education, festivals, excursions, and volunteer programs, all designed to foster the growth and well-being of our community.

Our curriculum responds to the developmental stages of the child and is taught with deep respect and affection for each student. We continually enrich the training of our faculty through Waldorf pedagogy training programs, collaborations with international educators, and partnerships with prestigious educational institutions. This approach is aligned with the international Waldorf model and the National Basic Curriculum of Guatemala, recognized both nationally and internationally.

We deeply respect the individuality of each student, providing detailed and adaptive support to their specific needs, enabling them to transcend in their lives. Our comprehensive Student Support Program adjusts to the diverse learning styles of the current generation, improving not only academic performance but also supporting social, emotional, and vocational development.

Since our foundation in 2014, we have grown from offering education from Preschool to Sixth Grade to completing the Secondary stage in 2020, graduating our first class of high school graduates. In 2016, we welcomed our current director of development and teacher training, Cynthia Hoven, who led the implementation of a Waldorf pedagogical training program, the first and only of its kind in Central America, which graduated its first cohort of teachers in 2023.

Our campus has been designed with a combination of open and closed spaces, in an environment where nature is a fundamental element. Here, the shade of the trees becomes a refuge for reading and reflection, while the wind and rain inspire and remind us of the importance of protecting our planet.

We are proud of our trajectory and excited for the future. Our education not only prepares students for academic success but also teaches them to live with purpose and empathy, ensuring that every step taken is on fertile ground for their personal and educational growth. We continue to be committed to the holistic well-being and personal development of each student, ensuring that Waldorf is not just a place to learn, but a space where leaders and world citizens are cultivated, ready to face tomorrow’s challenges. Together, we move forward with the certainty that we are contributing to a fairer, more inclusive, and sustainable future for all.


Our mission is to provide an education that respects the developmental stages and individuality of each child; that fosters creativity, responsibility, and critical thinking; and that empowers students to reach their maximum potential in life.


Our vision is to be a school community grounded in holistic well-being, where we inspire our students to discover a meaningful purpose in their lives and to cultivate a sense of commitment to creating a healthier, fairer, and freer world.